GC Mr. Whiskers Crocodile Rock "Rocky" of Bella A'more 

Purina Petcentric.com - Article featuring one of our Exotic Shorthair cats: 

"Ashlin Zots Charlotte's Web of Mr. Whiskers" (Charlie). - April 2016


Coraline does have some Grand Points as an adult & was shown and did very well as a kitten, but she really doesn't like to be shown.  So she is enjoying her life of being a spoiled girl & has blessed us with a litter of kittens.

Charlie has been awarded -

2nd Best in Color Class - Region 2 (Northwest) 2014-15!

In the Shows

"Mera" owned & loved by Vera of Vera Meat jewelry, verameat.com in New York.  Mera featured with her fabulous owner Vera in V Magazine. - 2017

"Mera" one of our Persian Bicolor, Odd-Eyed kittens now is owned & loved by Vera of Vera Meat Jewelry, verameat.com in New York.  Mera models for Vera Meat & is a natural!  - 2016

Darwin's Pet Food Company - "Ivoy" - Winner of the 2016 Photo Contest for their Calendar out of over 1500 entries.

GC Mr. Whiskers Season in the Sun "Sonny" of Bella A'more 

CH Mr. Whiskers Divine Design Coraline 

Pictured at 8 Months.

GC Ashlin Zots Charlotte's Web of Mr. Whiskers

Pictured at 8 Months.

In her first two shows, she earned 182 points.

Though Charlie will never be able to finish her Granding, & get the 18 points she needed, she will always be a Grand Champion in our eyes.  Charlie would have Granded at her next show.

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