Vera has her own pin! 

"Mera" owned & loved by Vera of Vera Meat jewelry, in New York.  Mera featured with her fabulous owner Vera in "V Magazine". - 2017

Purina - Article featuring one of our Exotic Shorthair cats: 

"Ashlin Zots Charlotte's Web of Mr. Whiskers" (Charlie). - April 2016


"Mera" one of our Persian Bicolor, Odd-Eyed kittens now is owned & loved by Vera of Vera Meat Jewelry, in New York.  Mera models for Vera Meat & is a natural!  - 2016

Darwin's Pet Food Company - "Ivoy" - Winner of the 2016 Photo Contest for their Calendar out of over 1500 entries.

Coraline does have some Grand Points as an adult & was shown and did very well as a kitten, but she really doesn't like to be shown.  So she is enjoying her life of being a spoiled girl & has blessed us with a litter of kittens.

Charlie has been awarded -

2nd Best in Color Class - Region 2 (Northwest) 2014-15!

In the Shows

CH Mr. Whiskers Divine Design Coraline 

Pictured at 8 Months.

GC Ashlin Zots Charlotte's Web of Mr. Whiskers

Pictured at 8 Months.

In her first two shows, she earned 182 points.

Though Charlie will never be able to finish her Granding, & get the 18 points she needed, she will always be a Grand Champion in our eyes.  Charlie would have Granded at her next show.

See her story here