persian & Exotic shorthair cattery

PL*Jantar Salomon of Mr. Whiskers
Strong Carrier of OE/BE Bi-colors 

Imported from Poland

      S. Chastelle Chanzo Bluu of PL*Jantar - red tabby & white 
       D. PL*Jantar Zoe - black smoke & white - carries OE/BE

Mr. Whiskers Abraham's Vision "Abe" 

Exotic Shorthair - Brown Tabby & White Van
 Carrier of OE/BE Bi-colors 

      S. Sambalina's Rebellion Gone Awry  -  Black & White Exotic SH
       D. PL*Jantar Aqua Illusion - Silver Tabby & White Van Persian - Carries OE/BE

Mr. Whiskers Eve 

Persian - Brown Tabby & White Van Persian
Carrier of OE/BE Bi-colors

      S. PL*Jantar Salomon of Mr. Whiskers - Strong Carrier of OE/BE
       D. PL*Jantar Aqua Illusion of Mr. Whiskers - Strong Carrier of OE/BE

PL*Jantar Aqua Illusion 

Silver Tabby & White Van - Persian OE/BE carrier

S. Purrlnlot Blue Mirage

D. Ark Star Easy to Love

Ashlin Zots "Big Trouble" of Mr. Whiskers

      S. GC Chat-Paws Total Eclipse
       D. CH Ashlin Zots Glamorous



GC Stars R Us Sequoya of Mr. Whiskers

      S. GC Calivan's Caesar of Peking
       D. CH Tallin's Rumor Has It of Stars R Us

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