PL*Jantar Salomon of Mr. Whiskers
Strong Carrier of OE/BE Bi-colors 

Imported from Poland

      S. Chastelle Chanzo Bluu of PL*Jantar - red tabby & white 
       D. PL*Jantar Zoe - black smoke & white - carries OE/BE

Mr. Whiskers Abraham's Vision "Abe" 

Exotic Shorthair - Brown Tabby & White Van
 Carrier of OE/BE Bi-colors 

      S. Sambalina's Rebellion Gone Awry  -  Black & White Exotic SH
       D. PL*Jantar Aqua Illusion - Silver Tabby & White Van Persian - Carries OE/BE

Mr. Whiskers Eve 

Persian - Brown Tabby & White Van Persian
Carrier of OE/BE Bi-colors

      S. PL*Jantar Salomon of Mr. Whiskers - Strong Carrier of OE/BE
       D. PL*Jantar Aqua Illusion of Mr. Whiskers - Strong Carrier of OE/BE

PL*Jantar Aqua Illusion 

Silver Tabby & White Van - Persian OE/BE carrier

S. Purrlnlot Blue Mirage

D. Ark Star Easy to Love

Mr. Whiskers Hezekiah

​Cream Tabby & White
Exotic Shorthair (homozygous for SH)

      S. SGC Faithful Big Daddy of Ashlin Zots
       D. Steadham Mini Pearl of Ashlin Zots

CH Mr. Whiskers Divine Design Coraline
Exotic Shorthair

      S. GC Stars R Us Sequoya of Mr. Whiskers
     D. Ashlin Zots "Big Trouble"

Ashlin Zots "Big Trouble" of Mr. Whiskers

      S. GC Chat-Paws Total Eclipse
       D. CH Ashlin Zots Glamorous

GC Stars R Us Sequoya of Mr. Whiskers

      S. GC Calivan's Caesar of Peking
       D. CH Tallin's Rumor Has It of Stars R Us

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