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​​Mr. Whiskers Ophelia "Fifi" 

Exotic Longhair - Solid White BE
 Carrier of OE/BE Bi-colors & Whites 

      S. PL*Jantar Salomon of Mr. Whiskers  -  Brown Tabby & White Persian -
OE/BE carrier
       D. Mr. Whiskers Divine Design Coraline - Solid White

Mr. Whiskers Anais
Exotic Shorthair 

       S. Mr. Whiskers Hezekiah 

D. PL*Jantar Aqua Illusion of Mr. Whiskers

Retired - Staying as our Pet 


Cyrridwen Thunder of Mr. Whiskers

Homozygous for Shorthair

​Imported from Russia



Mr. Whiskers Emmy Lou
Carrier of OE/BE Bi-colors

      S.  - Mr. Whiskers Hezekiah
       D. Mr. Whiskers Ophelia
 - Blue Eyed (OE/BE carrier White & Bi-color)

CH Mr. Whiskers Divine Design Coraline
Exotic Shorthair

      S. GC Stars R Us Sequoya of Mr. Whiskers
     D. Ashlin Zots "Big Trouble"


Future Male

Our Persian & Exotic Shorthair Cats