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Orijen - Regional Red

Litter Robot Accessories we use

Litter-Robot Cat Tree

Different cats like different perching and scratching surfaces.  You may want to try several.  My cats like to sleep up high.

Litter Robot Litter we use

Crinkle ball toys

Litter-Robot Cat Tree

Cardboard Scratcher

Go Cat "Da Bee" Fishing pole toy

Grooming Products

Cat Trees/Scratchers


We feed different foods to different cats, or occasionally switch, so please check with me in regards to what your kitty is eating.  

Recently we started using the Open-Air Litter Robot.  The litter they sell works really well in the Robot.  My cats think the Robot is very fun!

Open-Air Litter Robot - You can use this Link to get $25 off your Robot.  They offer a 90-day trial period, which is nice.

Transitional Items - To help transition kitty to your home


Ziwi Peak - Lamb canned

We receive a lot of questions regarding our recommendations on cat products, and what we use.  

Click on the photo to be taken to a site where you can order the item.


Northwest Naturals - Freeze Dried Raw for Cats

Kitten Supplies We Use 

          Cat Tree Condo