• Fill out the Kitten Application:  After taking a look at the above, if you would like to be added to the Waiting List (Reservation List), please fill out the kitten application. We ask many question to help determine which kitten will be a good fit for your family. We will contact you shortly after completion, via email.

  • Reservation Fee:  Once approved, you will be notified and can place your reservation fee via PayPal or personal check. The Reservation fee is $500. Once received, you will officially be on the reservation list. Your name will not be placed on the list without a non-refundable reservation fee.

              * If you would like to wait and not place a deposit (or we are not taking

                Applications), you are welcome to check our FB and Available page to see

                which kittens are available to reserve. However, most kittens will be

                reserved well in advance.

  • Notification:  If you are reserving a kitten before the breeding occurs, we will contact you with an approximate due date and notify you when the kittens are born. Pictures will be posted on our Facebook page so you can follow the development of the litter. We will also send you an email with the “Next Steps.”

  • Allocation Process:  At 6 weeks of age, I will contact people on the Waiting List in order of deposit placed to choose a kitten.  Final payment is due at this time, and flights/transport arrangements are also made.

  • Visit to the Vet:  Between 8 and 9 weeks of age, all Mr. Whisker's kittens will visit our vet for a healthy kitten check. 

  • New Homes: Kittens are ready for their new homes at 12 weeks old.

"He's doing just great.....he is such a sweet lovable little nugget.  He acts as tho he's been here 5 yrs already.  Acclimated so well I couldn't believe it."

"She is doing great!! Love, love, LOVE her!...She loves to play and has lots of toys. She likes to go bonkers in the morning and zooms around the room. She uses all her different scratching surfaces and has not had any issues with the litter box. She meows a lot but no sound comes out. So cute!...We couldn't be happier with her!

How to Adopt

"Oh my goodness he is so cute and so sweet and SO cuddly. He has that tiny cute meow and will just follow me anywhere! We named him Bruce Chips and we call him Brucie or Chips - the funniest name for such a small fluffy cat."