When can I choose my kitten?

Majestic - A Solid White, Odd-Eyed, female Exotic Shorthair kitten

Thank you for your interest in our sweet kitties!

We take great care and pride in our breeding program, the health of our kittens and socializing them to make them excellent additions to your family.  We also spend many hours in observing each kitten to help determine which one will thrive in what home.

At 6-8 weeks of age, I work with each family to explain what the kittens' temperaments are like and which kitten may be the best fit for them.  The new families are offered the kittens by order of deposit placed.  In other words, the first person to place a deposit is the first offered their choice of the kittens, second person to place a deposit gets second pick, etc.

Anais - A Patch Tabby & White Van, female Exotic Shorthair kitten