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In 2015, we began working with Odd-Eye & Blue-Eyed 

Bi-Color genetics in our Exotic Shorthair Lines!

Tiahna Hillier

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"Mr. Whiskers" is a Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) registered cattery name.  We are also now registered in The International Cat Association (TICA), under the cattery name, "MRWHISKERS".  We are a small Exotic Shorthair cattery, located in Salem, Oregon (Region 2), that specializes in tabby & white and bi-color Exotic kittens. We do occasionally have Exotic Longhair (Persian) kittens for sale, as well.  We are heading into year three of Mr. Whiskers, and beginning to work with Odd-Eyed (OE) & Blue-Eyed (BE) Bi-color Persians & Exotics.  This is a dream come true!  I love the unique look of the OE/BE bicolors & the challenge of trying to line the genetics up in hopes of producing them.

We focus on quality kittens that meet & exceed the Exotic breed standard, have large round eyes, sweet expressions, & are healthy and happy. Our cats and kittens are raised as part of our family, & are loved as our pets.  We keep 4 or fewer breeding females, & therefore are in compliance with the new USDA/APHIS regulations.  We are able to ship kittens "sight unseen", though if at all possible, we would like to meet the buyers of our kittens in person.  We are a FIV/FeLV & PKD negative cattery, & we do extensive testing & screenings to have the healthiest cats.  We now scan our adult cats for Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) 
& encourage other breeders to do the same.  Our kittens are loved & squeezed on by myself & my kids from the time they are born.  Kittens are well socialized & make excellent companions.  See our Happy Homes page for references.

My cats come from beautiful lines both local & imported, such as: Ashlin Zots, DCLASS, Kramkattens, Candirand, PL*Jantar, Purrinlot, Bagira, Ark Star, Chastelle, Day Oh, Parti Wai, San-Fe, Kuorii, Desmin, Calivan, and the like.

I'd like to thank my mentor & breeding partner, Linda Donley of Ashlin Zots
, for all her kindness and assistance! I'd also like to thank Gloria Busselman of Parti Wai Persians, Leslie Swope of Mt. Baker Exotics, Piotr Pardo of PL*Jantar, & Jhon & Alejandro of DCLASS for entrusting me with your pedigree lines. To the other breeders who have shared their advice, knowledge & time with me, thank you!  

Most of all, I give thanks to God for his wonderful creatures & his blessings in

my hobby.  These animals are such a joy!

Welcome to mr. whiskers!